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Cerdo Iberico : Special: Iberian Pork

The Iberico pig

( Pata Negra ) is a pig , which only occurs in the Iberian Peninsula ( Spain ) and comes from the Mediterranean boar. It differs from other varieties by the dark color and fine construction . Particularly in metabolism is that it’s quite late in the growth cycle of fat accumulates . As a result, this pig is able to adapt to the environment where it is raised , which is called by the Spaniards. ” La dehesa ” located on This area stretches along the Portuguese border , of Cadiz in the south to Salamanca in the north.


The dehesa boasts one of the most beautiful ecosystems , where forests , pastures and livestock are a natural balance . The trees are frequent here are the famous stone and cork oaks . They provide the specific nutrition of the pig, the fed ‘s ( acorns ) . When ripe acorns fall is this pig around and takes his muzzle the acorn hard indigestible peel . A healthy animal will eat 6 to 10 pounds of acorns per day supplemented with grass and tubers . In the period when the acorns are ripe is a pig called a kilo per day in weight and weighs as the last 160 to 180 pounds.

Pure Nature

The products obtained from the flesh of the Iberian pig fit into what is called ” Mediterranean food culture .” This is part of a healthy diet and partly a way of life , in which natural products with a taste play an essential role .

As far as taste similar to nothing

The taste is a personal experience . Advance can be said that the meat in taste can be compared with nothing. The meat comes into its own as the à point ( baked pink ) is prepared and will undoubtedly be a huge surprise and enrichment for any culinary enthusiast whatsoever.

Properties and Health

These Iberian products , like olive oil , rich in monounsaturated fats. This all has a positive effect on the fats that are present in our blood and ensures that both the total cholesterol levels in the blood , as well as the LDL – cholesterol, the bad cholesterol. This one runs on eating meat from the Iberian pig is not the risks that exist when eating meat containing saturated fats .